No Post Tuesday…I Ran Out Of Time?

Yesterday was our first day out since the blizzard! The deck is still covered in snow. Half of the roof is covered in snow. It seems as though it rained last night and some areas iced over? Schools were finally open but with two hour delays. Den tried shoveling snow from the decks but it was impossible. He finally went up to the second floor bathrooms and tried to shovel snow from the part of the roof he could reach which really just put more snow on the decks. The drive we took was eerie…the snow is piled up everywhere and is still white and looks beautiful but it will be black and gray and awful soon. It’s supposed to snow another inch today but it feels too warm for snow. Oh…Den is coughing and coughing…suddenly. Sigh!

Loving this book…I will finish it today!

Other randomness…I want these food Food Cubbies…from The Grommet…foods won’t mingle!
I do not know why jarred salads appeal to me…this one is from SkinnyTaste. I want a row of these lined up in my refrigerator for a week of salad lunches.
Super Bowl snack? Crafty Mom has awesome recipes!
Kitty comfort for a coughing Den…
Surveying her domain?
Yummy new books…I love quirky!
I loved loved loved this author’s first book!
This is her new one!
I feel as though I am not reading fast enough!
Off to make some chicken soup for you know who…






10 thoughts on “No Post Tuesday…I Ran Out Of Time?

  1. Stefanie says:

    Sorry Den is ill. Having a cough is no fun. I have that Coconut book on my TBR. Glad you though it was good. Jarred salad always looks good but it doesn't look easy to eat in; I would think one would still have to use a plate? I like the idea of a taco bake.


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