Den is in San Antonio for a meeting but will be back home in a few hours. The girls and I are having a sort of “when the cat’s away” day. Here is what it consists of…

Last night? Sleeping across the bed with kitties next to me. They won’t do this when Den is home.

Eating crackers…not bagels… and garden veggie spread in bed for dinner…Den would freak!

Binge watching…The Magicians…so far really fascinating…
Binge watching…The Shadow Hunters…so good…not epic…but I love it!
Last…binge watching this…not Game Of Thrones but soooo yummy!
I love watching these when Den is away because I can just watch without explaining anything. Plus I have threatened Den with a running commentary and annoying questions for the Super Bowl if he makes fun of any of these! Questions to include…why do they wear orange…what is that marker for…is Payton a vegetarian…what do you think Tom Brady is doing today…can you pick your own number…do they eat at half time…I have dozens more that are even more annoying!
Loved this book! It was gritty, sexy, intense, annoying, bewildering…the best crime drama I have read in a long time!
Reading this…sweet, endearing, intriguing…lovely! I love Ethan and Claire already!
I think this is a buttered noodles kind of day…mmmm…a warm steamy bowl of little tiny pasta shells with butter and Parmesano Reggiano cheese shavings…dessert? Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Cookies!
Randomness about to appear here…
Do you ever worry about your memory? Keeping it intact? I do…all of the time…especially after reading…The Secrets We Keep…reading a book about memory loss makes me think I have memory loss…sigh!
I am playing these…they better help! They are both unique…it’s worth it to buy the Clockwork Brain one…$4.99…the other one is $0.99…it’s a weirdly unique yet addictive number game! The Clockwork Brain one constantly changes. So does Kenken…
People! Have a good one!



20 thoughts on “Unfettered?

  1. Stefanie says:

    I'll have to see if I can access those shows on our Roku. I didn't know there was a Shadow Hunters series off of the books which I liked a lot and finished. I haven't read the other series; have you? I was so full of that world that I needed a mental break. And I haven't read the book yet, The Magicians. I would like to read it first.


  2. DMS says:

    It sounds like you have been having a good time! I had to laugh because I eat crackers for more meals when my husband is gone. I haven't see The Magician- but it sounds interesting. 🙂


  3. Ti says:

    The veggie spread cracked me up. When my husband was away on business I'd eat all the things we avoided for health… like pot pies or Ben & Jerry's. It was like my secret food stash for when I was alone.


  4. bermudaonion says:

    Does Den read your blog? lol I read The Magicians but didn't like it so have no interest in the show.

    This year has been huge for football in our area – first Clemson and now the Panthers. Another question you can ask Den is how much money does he thinks Cam Newton's dad got from Auburn.


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