I Hate When This Happens…

I just started a book that I thought sounded a tiny bit familiar only to finally realize I already read and reviewed it. Plus…it took me a while to realize that I already read it…about a year and a half ago…adding more blueberries to my diet. Now!


And tumeric!


Both are supposed to help memory!

Feeling depressed about this!

It’s snowing off and on…which fascinates Roxie and bores Lucy…

Starting this…

From Amazon…


“You will cheer for Amani the whole way as she escapes the bonds of oppression and finds her own power, and you will mark your calendar for the sequel.”—Rae Carson, bestselling author of the Fire & Thorns trilogy

At least I know I haven’t read this one! At least I don’t think I have…





18 thoughts on “I Hate When This Happens…

  1. Patty Magyar says:

    I was so positive that I didn't read this book that I didn't check on goodreads which I normally do but I always know…it's just how I am but not with this book. The book was Undertow…a YA dystopian…I have the second one to read and I just thought I didn't read the first one…it's not even my kind of book…


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I always have to check Goodreads, because so many books sound a lot alike in the blurb, so I'm never sure either.

    Before blogging and Goodreads, I used to have trouble realizing I'd read a book even when I didn't read as many…back when we had Borders bookstore and I'd pick up the books and think I hadn't read them…and then I'd get home and there would be the book!


  3. DMS says:

    Patty- You read a ton of books, so don't feel bad about not remembering reading a book until you were a ways into it. It happens when you read a lot. Especially because you also read book reviews and blogs. 🙂 Blueberries are tasty though!


  4. Stefanie says:

    Thank you, Patty , for the support. My memory is shot; Mommy brain never went away. I am dying to grow a blueberry bush. A neighbor in the area has a few out front but I wouldn't want ours near the pollution. We'd grow it in the backyard. And blueberry pancakes are a favorite here on Saturdays.


  5. Stefanie says:

    Oh and the new book looks really good. I added that. I bet this book mishap happened because of a new cover? That can be confusing when newer editions are published with more modern covers.


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