This was supposed to be the Patty And Den Fun Week. Den has been working so much…and he has been away so much…we purposefully planned nothing for this week…we were going to go to lunch, walk at Longwood, work on the basement, go to a movie, look at houses in a town about an hour from us…but…we have had snow almost every day. The kind of snow that is soft and fluffy and fun to watch but not one that you really want to make an effort to drive in. Yesterday it snowed all day…we made a fire and binge watched OJ Simpson and Bernie Madoff and Shadowhunters and Shannara…all were soooo good! But we are getting nothing fun done! We are off to Charlottesville, Virginia in a few weeks to get its feel, its vibe, its je ne sais quoi…I have always wanted to use that word! We are trying to clear out the basement…but not this week…too snowy and too cold! It’s been fires and hot minty green tea and TV and books.

I read this book…which was really interesting…covert operations in and around Paris in order to find a traitor and take down Hitler…totally YA and really fascinating.


Reading this…another YA dystopian kind of book…also really good…

Reading this at night and only on my Paperwhite…another Dystopian YA novel about a girl who has to choose where she will be when she dies…sounds weird but it’s so good…I can’t keep my “dystopias” straight, though!


This is dinner…we just bought wild line caught cod at Weggieman’s/Wegman’s…I am going to simmer it in some red sauce, white wine, and pepper flakes…and we will have it with crispy sautéed gnocchi tossed with a little bit of sautéed spinach…and Parmesan cheese.

We bought these today…you are supposed to eat them on Fat Tuesday but we were snowed in! They are called Paczki…my grandmother used to make them. They are really just filled doughnuts! I will only eat the red filled one. Den will eat the rest!

Off to chillax!



18 thoughts on “Life…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Sorry about the soft snow…but the binge-watching sounds good. I loved the Madoff mini-series, and I've been enjoying the O.J. Simpson one, too.

    The only thing that bothers me about the O.J. piece…Cuba Gooding, Jr., is not inhabiting the role very well,IMO. I can't imagine that the real O.J. (back in the time this was all happening) would be sobbing like a baby while riding in that white Bronco….

    His expressions back then were always very stoic and calm.


  2. Stefanie says:

    OMGosh, I want one of those doughnuts! I've been meaning to pick up a doughnut pan at Target so I can make some. The baby was telling me how they had glazed ones for a classmate's birthday. Your dinner looks great. When I see cod I think of fish and chips!


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