So Sad…But…

My Paperwhite died last night…rest in peace little unnamed Kindle…it won’t restart…it won’t reload…it just sits on this page with this lonely boy reading the same book under that same tree…even Amazon techs gave up on it! But…they did give me a nice gift credit and I bought a new one…I can’t be Kindleless…

Today we had a Genius Bar appointment at an Apple Store…we needed some help with some technical issues…Genius Bobby helped us with everything…my mini would not iMessage, my ipadAir won’t auto fill…and my original iPad was frozen on this…after a software update. I really like having my old one as a spare…just for my Kindle App and a few puzzle games.

The Apple Store was packed! Here is a Genius Bar…I just love saying Genius Bar. Genius Bobby fixed everything. I think we are going back next week for newer phones.

So…we never really go to this Mall and the next best thing about today after Genius Bobby was that the Apple Store is next to a Sephora! I snatched not one but two new lipsticks in berry…a Nars and a Bobby Brown…I love them both!

Finished this…really deserty, sandy, magical!

There is a part where soldiers try to catch a horse that arises from the sands…if this horse gets touched it turns to the flesh of a real horse…if it escapes it remains sandy and magical and mysterious…this was a fun book…intense but fun!


Up next? I think this might be a middle grade book but when these are good…they are awesome!

I am out of here!



11 thoughts on “So Sad…But…

  1. DMS says:

    I have never gone to the Genius Bar, but it sounds awesome. Glad Genius Bobby was able to help you with so many problems. Sorry to hear about your Kindle. I have a very old Kindle. Unfortunately, I think it may have died recently. I plugged it in for a long time and it kept saying the batter wasn't charged. I don't use it all the time, but do love it for trips and catching up with some books I only have in e-format.



  2. Stephanie Faris says:

    Our Apple Store is in the rich mall–sounds like yours may be, too! They have a Sephora…and a Mac and all the places rich people shop. The problem is, parking and traffic at that mall are atrocious, so I usually go to a store called Simply Mac, which is much easier to get to.


  3. Stefanie says:

    Oh boy were you hit by tech bugs. We don't really use Apple products except for our 6s's and my mini Nano so I never heard of the Genius Bar before. That's one spiffy spot. I'm glad Amazon hooked you up with a new Paperwhite. I love mine, it's light weight, and how easily transportable it is. Glad the desert book was a magical read. It has such a lovely cover. The new book you're reading looks good.


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