It’s Been A " Beery" Kind Of Day!

Today started off with a manicure and a pedicure! Yum! New colors! Although these new colors look like the same colors I always get…sigh! But they are new!

So…since the nail place is minutes away from Victory Brew Pub…we decided to have lunch there! It’s so big and filled with ales and hops and stouts…and happy lunching people! Happy beer sipping people, too.

So I had Ramen for lunch. Kevin…our server…promised me it wasn’t messy or huge and there was a big spoon and I wouldn’t be slurping.

He lied!

This was the biggest bowl of Ramen ever! It was sooooo delicious! It was a mess to eat. They only had tiny little soup spoons. The chopsticks were a pain. I ended up using a fork and slurping and hanging my head over the bowl!

Exactly what I didn’t want to do! Plus there was so much left over it filled two containers that are now in the refrigerator.

Then we had beer ice cream!


In little Dixie Cups!


Reading these…still…

Oh…by the way…

Happy Valentine’s Day!


See you on Monday!




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