So…The Week Begins!

Finished both of these over the weekend…loved them both but I especially loved Perry! Perry T. Cook! He has been raised in a prison. His mom is an inmate. His room is next door to the warden’s office. Perry is remarkable…bright and responsible and clever and just simply lovely. He is so happy until a DA comes along and doesn’t like where Perry lives and wants him out of the prison! It’s a sweetly sad story that had me cheering and crying for Perry! It’s the perfect middle grade book for adults!


Firstlife was really good, too. Different and unique…with a great female leading character…Ten…she thinks with numbers!


Reading this now…I seem to have a huge stack of sort of middle grade books to read…this one is about a contest for new wizards! This author has written tons of these!
And…lest I forget about all of my “grown up” books…I am reading this totally absorbing grown up mystery on my new unnamed Paperwhite in “bookerly” font…which I love! It’s a story of a missing girl…something that happened a while ago…but it appears to be unfolding in 15 days starting backwards! Needless to say until I get a grip on it…it’s confusing!
We saw Dead Pool today! OMG! So good! So funny! So cleverly done!
But these bizarre action movies are my faves…I am weird like that…Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America! Love them all!
We were at AMC Cinema Suites for our movie. I ate some really awful pretzel bites while Den noshed on chicken strips, French fries, Cole slaw and two baby biscuits! I didn’t realize he ordered lunch! Mid way through the movie we had a huge coffee…that tasted so delicious! Cinema Suites has those big comfy chairs with foot rests! I love those foot rests! I will see anything as long as it’s in Cinema Suites!
So…off to read Wizards and have a baked potato for dinner. It is snowy, icy and not very warm outside!
Tonight it’s The Bachelor or The Grammys…they both call my name!


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