It’s Been That Kind Of Day!!!

So…Den had to have two way back teeth pulled this morning…but he is fine right now.

Roxie ate a minuscule clothing plastic tab…we watch everything that comes into this house that could be a potential hazard but somehow we missed this…we wrap floss in tissues to throw away. We put toys away…even cat toys when she is unsupervised. Tape, rubber bands, plastic wrap, plastic bags, hair ties…all are hidden and yet she found a tiny piece of plastic and ate it and immediately coughed and choked.

It was pouring rain today…wind so fierce I could barely see the road but Roxie and I zipped to the vet. We were there for about two hours. Every pet in town decided to chew and swallow a foreign object today. And they were all ahead of Roxie.

Roxie and I waited and waited and waited and waited. They took her off for X-rays and I waited some more. She’s so cute and tiny that the vet carried her all around to show her to everyone. X-rays seemed ok. And as soon as we got home we found a tiny plastic piece on the stairs. Hmmm!

Both patients are resting comfortably. I am, too! Lucy won’t stop hissing at poor Roxie because of the vet office smells so I have sprayed both of them with my cologne…hopefully this works. But so far it’s not working! The fierce hissing continues!

Still reading this…


But I can’t help thinking that there could be a part of this plastic piece floating around in my Roxie!

How was your day?




16 thoughts on “It’s Been That Kind Of Day!!!

  1. DMS says:

    What a stressful day! So sorry to hear about the plastic piece. Hopefully there is nothing to worry about and you did the right thing by taking her to the vets. Sorry to hear about Den's teeth. Ugh! Hope tomorrow is better. 🙂


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Oh, pulling teeth is so traumatic! I had one pulled a couple of years ago…

    I hope Roxie is okay, but if the vet didn't find anything, it's probably okay, right?

    I like seeing your Kindle with the same cover mine has.


  3. Stephanie Faris says:

    My parents' puppy ate everything when he was young. He even got one of those dryer balls that supposedly stop static cling? He ate the whole thing…and survived just fine. The vet said most likely it'll just pass on through…but they were supposed to watch him for some symptoms. Can't remember what.


  4. Stefanie says:

    Seeing as I have had five, perio surgeries, I can sympathize with Den. I hope he is comfortable and using his drugs to kick away the pain. Sorry you're worried about your furry baby.


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