The Day After Plus This Post Is Loaded With Random Thoughts…

Den and Roxie seem better today…Roxie seems ” normal” but I am still really watching her. We found a strange pice of plastic on the stairs yesterday so I don’t know if this is connected to what Roxie ate or whether Lucy has sneaky plans and clever tricks and is planting traps for Roxie. Sigh!

Last night Lucy turned her back on Roxie even though I doused both of them with perfume. Cats can not really be reasoned with!

I am starting to be really annoyed with this book. This backwards forwards thing is making me crazy. What’s worse is that I don’t even know if I like this book any more! It is irritating me!


A funny thing happened on Valentine’s Day. I think a network announced that it was going to show romantic old black and white movies all day long. Den was excited but I wasn’t. The first one was something called

“The Philadelphia Story”…

Den falls asleep. I watch and am riveted to it. But…the best thing is that at some point Katherine Hepburn mentions a little house she owns in the country in Unionville. She says its full of streams and trails and meadows and farms. What’s so funny is that we live right next door to Unionville! Unionville is filled with big houses and horse farms and BYOB restaurants and Farmer’s Markets. It’s a cool place to live! And I am thinking that where the main characters lived is somewhere in Mainline Philadelphia which is barely 45 minutes from Unionville? Too funny!


I kind of want these…from Zara.

I kind of want this creamy Dijon chicken for dinner…from Simply Delicious. With creamy mashed potatoes, too. And a creamy pudding cup for dessert.

Cream be my theme!

Kind of loving “block” heeled shoes! These are from Free People!

Kind of loving this silky top from Sundance!


Ok…I am done with my randomness.

Have a great day!



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