Just A Mixed Bag Of Goodies?

Have you ever awakened with an idea in your head about what you just have to have, do, or get? ASAP?

Well…that’s me today while I am watching Catfish on MTV…wondering why people are so gullible…until I become the gullible one! Life lately is about avoiding one scam after another! How many times do I have to say NO?

Oh…and anyone who even watches Catfish a few times should know that the amazing blonde you meet on line is actually not an amazing blonde or even a girl for that matter…

Now that my rant is done…I am onto the “goodies”…

Starving for Teriaki Chicken! Making it tonight!


Interested in making an upside down pizza in a bowl!

I think!

Love this guy on American Idol…he sang an amazing Billy Idol song!
Love these coloring books! At Amazon!

Want this over my fireplace! From Pottery Barn!

The hissing is over! I told Lucy to tell Roxie she is sorry!
Obvi…she did! And Roxie graciously accepted! Sort of…

Reading these…real book…Part 2 of my YA Dystopian Trilogy…probably better than the first. This is the series where I forgot that I read Part 1…it’s all watery fishy creatures from the sea sort of good!

Kindle…just your average run of the mill female serial killer who escapes from prison because she seduced the female warden and convinced her to abandon an impeccable career and a family to go on the “lam”…love realistic books like this one…heeheehee!

Both are kind of yummy…

Okie dokie…right after I watch “My 600 Pound Life” and not eat again ever…I need to tackle my Thursday List. I also just read an article about the 51 foods you should never eat ever and now I have nothing left to eat.

When did a turkey platter become a dinner plate?


Den and Roxie seem to be good today so…that’s good! No pain for Den and no sighting of plastic for Roxie. Anywhere!

Lucy can look so sweet…

And yet be quite unkind to her baby sister…

I leave you with that thought!

Have a good one!

Any thing you need to get today?



13 thoughts on “Just A Mixed Bag Of Goodies?

  1. bermudaonion says:

    I'm having a coloring party tomorrow night – you need to come.

    You were in a dream I had last night. A bunch of people from our neighborhood went to Mellow Mushroom to eat. When we got there, you had Lucy with you and one of our neighbors had their dog with them. I couldn't figure out why y'all had brought animals to a restaurant. lol


  2. Stefanie says:

    Glad everyone is doing well in your household. I don't know how you hold yourself back in a pet store as cat toys are so cool and fun. The teriyaki chicken looks delicious. You did a wonderful job.


  3. June says:

    Those coloring books look awesome—and I don't particularly like to color! The cover of the Raging Sea book looks like a scene from the Jersey shore after Hurricane Sandy. True life scariness! 😮


  4. DMS says:

    Raging Sea sounds fantastic and those coloring books look like fun. I really want to try adult coloring. I can imagine it is very relaxing. 🙂


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