Not Sure But…


Not sure but…

I think I am just a teensy bit tired of wintery gray overcast skies. We feel cold. Everyone wants to snuggle or stay under the duvet. We aren’t very hungry, we don’t feel like going anywhere and we just realized we never got flu shots. Yikes! We have the east coast wintery blahs/blues. My skin is dry. I have been vaselining my heels like crazy and drinking tea and thinking about warmer weather. But nothing is cheering us up! Sigh!

Not sure but…

I think I have enough colored pencils now!


Not sure but…

In spite of the crazy woman serial killer…who did something very naughty with a toy shark…I really liked this book!


Not totally sure but…

This book is up next…

or this one…

Not sure but…

this is one huge quiche!

Not sure but…

these two could win a cuteness award! Oh yes!

Have a great weekend!

I will see you on Monday!






16 thoughts on “Not Sure But…

  1. DMS says:

    I love quiche. Yum!

    I was feeling like I needed better weather too and then today came and it is stunningly beautiful. 60 degrees and sunny (feels like spring). Amazing that last week is was -10 here (or something like that).

    I hope you have a lovely weekend!


  2. Elisabeth Foodandthrift says:

    Hi Patty, you're the first blogger that I commented on since my absence from my blog. I actually posted for the first time since last September. Love that huge crusted quiche…the beautiful cover book, on Jean Harlow (must be amazing)…the dozens of colored pencils…for what, or who?…and your mysterious 'selfie' hiding behind the huge sunglasses…lol! Have a better and hopefully sunshine week ahead! Very dreary and cloudy here, lately…and with strong winds just about every day!


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