Pretending It’s Friday…

I seem to be a day late for everything this week! This was going to be my Friday post and I forgot all about it! I have spent most of today going through bins in the basement. But now we have a system…I de bin the bins…Den then puts everything in bags and boxes for a March 18th Big Brother Pick Up.

These bins are a history of my life as a teacher! I can’t tell you how many pairs of holiday socks I found! My classrooms were either too hot or too cold! So I have light sweaters, heavy sweaters and even holiday sweaters! I have more mittens and hats for outdoor recess than I can count! Then I have sundresses and cardigans for hot weather! Plus boot socks with ruffles at the top that would stick out over my boot tops! And I had jumpers! I used to love wearing these jumpers with turtlenecks underneath them…and my ruffled socks and my lace up boots! And again…a sweater or decorated sweatshirt for every single holiday! All I did when I stopped teaching was shove everything in bins and sneak them down to the basement! I always thought that I would deal with them later! Oh…the brand names on the labels are hysterical…Laura Ashley, Cotton Rainbow, Fresh Produce, Fitigues, Allen Allen and all my non school stuff was Eileen Fisher. I found a huge bin filled with workout wear and another filled with swimsuits. This stuff is freaking me out!


I didn’t think I was a saver and you can’t imagine what the basement looks like right now…sort of an ordered chaos. But Den says once we pack everything in bags, boxes and bins neatly…it will all make sense. I hope so!

Slightly freaking out!

We are taking a break and then going back down to finish…

Other stuff…

Reading this…so good!

And this…soooo good…

I am off until Monday!

Back to my bins!




10 thoughts on “Pretending It’s Friday…

  1. Elisabeth Foodandthrift says:

    Such great memories to share, old stuffed packed in boxes, shoved in the basement reminds me of my life back in Cleveland when we had a basement growing up! Here in S. Florida no basement, which I do miss a lot, but have learned to live without it. It's a good thing to get rid of stuff, no sense to carry all the old 'baggage' with you, although nice memories…and nice group of books…Google +'d to share! (read my reply re: sour cream)


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