Today had the makings of a rainy maudlin Monday…I couldn’t find stuff…I accidentally deleted stuff…Den couldn’t find stuff…it was wet and cold and totally miserable outside. I went outside to get the mail…it wasn’t there…I had to go out again in the rain to take out trash bins and get mail…finally…and bring in packages. I couldn’t get the front door open…it was stuck. I was trying to sign up for USPS tracking and I had to do it three times…and by the third time I was so mad I couldn’t stop…I kept on trying.

My day was so disorganized I can’t even think about it any more…

Then I started having mild panic attacks over my mom’s afghans…I thought I could give them away but I can’t. So…Den had to find them and I washed them and now they are in the dryer and that’s as far as I got with them. Then the afghans led to other things that were in my parents’ house that are now in my house. I love pulling out a cookie sheet or a pie pan that used to be my mom’s. Vases and photos and dishes and those darn afghans! My mom loved afghans. She never made any but people were always making them for her. I have my mom’s iced tea pitcher and her clear glass apple dishes and I know stuff and things aren’t important but that pitcher…my mom would make iced tea every summer day and I would sit in the kitchen in the breakfast nook and draw faces on the pitcher and talk with her. I guess cleaning out a basement and a rainy Monday lead to jumbled memories of when my mom and dad were actually alive and I would talk to them every single day.

Oh…bed jackets! I think these are just little silky things that women used to wear? My mom had two and they were in one of my bins. They are still satiny and lacy and so feminine and pretty! My sister and I used to put them on our dolls and play with them but they survived and are still so beautiful.

Enough with these memories!


Read these two over the weekend…both were good. The Trap was a mystery about an author who was not able to leave her house for 11 years due to trauma after her sister’s death.

This one was about a family and life in this valley and it was typical Anna Quindlen…lovely writing and a book that was smooth and lovely and hard to stop reading.

Reading this now…

I loved her book The Vacationers and this one is yummy, too!

This one is sort of dystopian and really good. London is destroyed and Captain Hook is still bad…really really bad!

I am tired…this was a long hard day and I want to play a few games and then grab my Paperwhite and read! And then sleep?





8 thoughts on “Life…

  1. Ti says:

    I hope you keep the afghans and pitcher. Such memories and you only shared a few of them here with us. What a day you had though!! Seems like everything was going a tad wrong but I am hoping your week is better. Tonight, I have nothing going on! Joy of Joys! I might have to help the kid with math but I can handle that.


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I am very eager to start reading Miller's Valley…I love Anna Quindlen, and the only reason I haven't yet started this one…I want to savor the anticipation.

    I have some things of my mom's that I can't part with, either, or even use. Wine glasses that she got at her wedding; my sister and I divided them, and I have them in my display cupboard. I can see them through the glass. They are safe there…unless, of course, we have an earthquake!

    My mom used to make afghans for me, but I can't find them!


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