Books, Basketball And Bouncy Hair…Taxes, Too!


I read Shelter over the weekend. Shelter…what a trip! The son…Kyung…the son of Jin and Mae…is the master of bad choices. He is in so much debt…a second mortgage on his home as well as maxed out credit cards is forcing him to sell his home and even that move isn’t really going to help. Kyung had a nightmarish childhood. He lives blocks from his parents but rarely sees them until a home invasion forces them to come and stay with him. It was one of those books where you are caught up in the mess of these lives and can’t stop reading even though nothing and no one in this book went to a happy place. But the book itself is so good…sad but good.

Almost finished with this one…it’s a restaurant book but most certainly not about the happy parts of running a restaurant…more the deep dark parts…the drains no one wants to touch, the staff issues, the training. But…it’s another book that is sticking with me…I even think about it when I am sleeping. I don’t think I will ever taste wine or figs or even an apple the same way again. So far I don’t like anyone in this book. I want to stay far away from them. But the book is gripping…engaging…raw.


We had bits of snow and windy weather and kind of cold temps over the weekend. We had a low key weekend because Den was literally exhausted.

But that doesn’t stop us from watching basketball games and checking and groaning over b-ball pools.

Today Den is finishing up tax prep to send off to our tax person so the girls and I are staying far far away from his study. Really far far away.

New stuff!

I am in love with this shampoo and conditioner. My hair can get wild…that’s why I get keratin treatments but with our new salon being an hour and a minute away and keratin taking more than four hours I would have to spend the night! Yikes!

I hate blow drying and flat ironing for hours, too! So…I washed my hair, did not blow it out, did not flat iron it and got this result…which I can live with!

A few flat iron run throughs and I am good!
It works for me!

So…that’s my Monday…mostly all I am doing is keeping the girls away from Den because now he has spread out about a million papers all over the big kitchen table…I hear moaning and groaning, too. This is such a painful time of year…because we are working…not working…and living in one state but working and paying taxes in two different states…this is really about as painful as taxes can get!

Lucy was a big help keeping her baby sister entertained!





6 thoughts on “Books, Basketball And Bouncy Hair…Taxes, Too!

  1. lakesidemusing says:

    Both of those books are going on my list… which seems to exploding lately. SO many good spring books! Keratin treatments are my best friend! Will look for those hair products – thanks:)


  2. Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons says:

    Ugh. Props to your husband for tackling that. Mine does the taxes every year. He waits until the last moment to get them done. Do you drive an hour away for your salon because you're faithful to your hairdresser or because you live in a secluded area? I sometimes miss my high end salon treatments but oh well, for the family and raising two kids who are required to go to college. They're worth it.


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