I Twisted Up My Words!!! Again?

We don’t live in two different states. We just pay taxes in two different states…so at tax time we deal with Pennsylvania, Delaware and the Feds! I think that’s what I meant to say. If we move this year it could be three different states…yikes! We do live in the “tri state area.” And if we wanted to we could literally drive from PA to Delaware to Maryland probably in an hour! How ’bout that you Californians? Heeheehee!

But after googling this I just learned that there are lots of tri state areas! Who knew?

Obvi I was clueless!

I am exiting discreetly out of my geography lesson. If my friend Bill ( retired 5th grade teacher with mad map skills ) reads this he will straighten up my mixed up thoughts about this.

Thank you, Bill!

Read this…good but way too fluffy after Sweetbitter and Shelter…it’s all Pandora charms and forgetfulness and loons on a lake. Ice cream, too!

I probably needed some kind of intervention book before reading this sweet Lake Michigan novel. Fudge and blueberries and rhubarb coffee cake vs wine and uni and drinking at 3:30 AM…what was I thinking?


Den has wrestled Sweetbitter from me and is anxious to start…I guess I drew him into the dark side of restaurants! Can I just say that he just finished Flight Of Dreams? We actually talk books sometimes but it’s more me asking him what page he’s on and Den yelling at me to not say anything about the book.


I am off to get some stuff done! After I watch Teen Mom 2.0…I am bizarrely drawn to this series.

Reading these…yum!


“Retellings of beloved classics are tricky, but here, Dickens’ overall plot and major characters translate effortlessly into this intriguingly imagined setting. Lucie and Ethan are more complex than their rather insipid Victorian prototypes, and Carwyn retains all the bad-boy fascination of his charismatic counterpart.”


“A strong, well-written female protagonist sets this coming-of-age novel apart.”―Kirkus Reviews

Have a great day!




18 thoughts on “I Twisted Up My Words!!! Again?

  1. Elisabeth Foodandthrift says:

    The Charm Bracelet sounds like a great novel, something that I would enjoy reading…didn't know you live in 2 states, Patty! The girls are sweet as ever, Lucy is such a wonderful big sister to Roxy! Have a great week! Hugs,


  2. Joann Downie says:

    First off, I also live in Pa-Southwest,Monongahela area, so for me West Virginia is right down the road (45 minutes roughly), so I am thinking you might be near Pgh? As MD and Delaware arent that far from us!! (I grew up in Pgh-and traveled to Deep Creek MD, several times). Anyway, good luck with the taxes!!
    I want to read Tell the Wind and Fire, thats been on my wishlist for awhile now. Have a great week!!http://thebestbasicblogger.blogspot.com/2016/03/stacking-shelves-13.html


  3. Rita @ View From My Home says:

    Tell the Wind and Fire sounds good to me, and I hadn't heard of it before now.

    Your hair does look nice & bouncy after that conditioning treatment. I'll check it out for my younger daughter who is always in search of the next best beauty item. Not sure about The Charm Bracelet for me right now, but if I'm in the mood for light and sweet that sounds good. Have a relaxing week, Patty.


  4. Bill Hicks says:

    We lived in CT and lived in the NY/NJ/CT Tri-state area ….. so I won't be too much help in unraveling this twisted web…. Oh, the webs we weave…… If we lived in AZ we could live in the Four Corners Area … AZ,CO,NM,UT …. I visited Four Corners… is is the most desolate God forsaken area in the US…… nothing but rocks and sand……


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