A Sunday Pop-In!

Happy Easter!

It is cold and really awful looking outside.

We had bites of the traditional Easter breakfast that would have been the breakfast of my childhood but nothing really tasted the same. According to tradition you have to have some ham and some nut roll and hard boiled eggs. And kielbasa…a sort of smoked sausage. And you have to have horseradish that is red because it has the juice of beets in it. And you put that on the eggs or the ham. Den loved it and ate lots of it. Actually you put some cold ham on a slice of buttered nutroll…these things can’t be changed…seriously. When Den joined my family he would heat his ham and we all looked at him as though he was an annoying alien. He heated his ham this morning. That’s just not right. This is what the nut roll looks like…the black one is filled with poppy seeds. My mom used to make this one for my dad. We used to go into shock watching him eat this with coffee! Thank you, Bob, for your photo. I seriously think only people who grew up in Youngstown eat this stuff. When the nut roll is made right…it’s amazing…buttered. It’s incredibly rich and I literally watched in horror as Den ate three pieces.

So we are doing nothing today other than reading and binge watching TV…it’s a weird Easter but Easter always feels off to me…it’s when my mom got sick and died so I think I always think of that.

Reading this…and it’s funny as well as good…I need that today!





12 thoughts on “A Sunday Pop-In!

  1. Mary (Bookfan) says:

    Isn't it funny how families eat certain foods and when someone else eats the same food but differently it can make time stop 😀 My dad is a poppyseed lover. I can see why Easter is different because of your Mom. Reading and tv can help when the weather is awful. I need to find out more about your book – haven't seen it around.


  2. Patty Magyar says:

    Aw, Rita, thank you…Easter is always sad for me…my dad died a month after my mom…I think next year we will take a holiday around this time…I hate being this sad. Hugs back at you…big ones!


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