It’s Always About The Books!

I really enjoyed this book even though the premise is one I don’t normally love but it takes place in my area…so there were lots of familiar landmarks, restaurants, towns…it was so much fun to read! Abbey can’t afford the $500.00 purse she just bought so even though her daughter scratched it she is on her way to Nordstrom’s to return it. She trips and falls and wakes up in a situation where she is living a life much better than her own. She has a rich husband, better clothes and even a better body. What made this book so good was the humor!

Reading now…

“With sweet, heartfelt characters and a richly described setting, Halverson blends mystery and suspense into a love story of many layers, not the least of which is a declaration of love to the Alaskan wilderness and its people.” – Booklist

New books!

Mongrels…a coming of age story.

Mother Knows Best…kind of a funny cozy mystery…with a pig!

Mission Hill…a legal thriller.

Dear Fang With Love…this author wrote The Girls Of Corona Del Mar…which I loved!

Wolf Hollow…a coming of age story…yep…another one. I kind of love coming of age stories…this one gets amazing reviews.


Off to chill and read!




20 thoughts on “It’s Always About The Books!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    You have some print books!

    Isn't it fun to read a book with familiar settings in it? I see above that you got Mission Hill from your “queue.” Vine? Oops, I see you mentioned right above that they all came from Vine…duh.


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