My what I am reading now part of this post…
I am really enjoying this book. It’s about Alaska…obvi…but filled with a multitude of quirky and dysfunctional characters. Kache…his parents and brother were killed in a plane crash and as soon as he could he left Alaska. His family home has been sort of preserved for the past twenty years. Lettie…his 98 year old grandmother…has secretly allowed Nadia…a Russian girl with a secret…to live there. When Kache finally goes to his home he sees everything…clothes, furniture, books, etc. arranged as it was when he left. He starts to befriend Nadia who has run away from something or someone in her past life…she is from a group called Old Believers. She has foraged and hunted and raised goats and fished alone on this property for ten years. The only one who knows about her existence is Lettie. When Lettie was more agile she would bring her supplies…apparently Nadia has enough TP to last for a lifetime. Snag…Kache’s aunt…has not been to this homestead in 20 years either…she is kind of closeted about her sexuality and also has much guilt. This book is filled with guilt ridden characters.
And that…my fellow readers…is making this book really really good!

The life dilemma part of this post…

All we seem to be doing this week is waiting for something else…the tree trimmer, the lawn mowing service ( Den broke his John Deer again ), the clothing pick up…it seems as though we are always waiting for something! And as soon as we are done waiting for this stuff…Den schedules even more stuff to wait for.

We have been trying to just zip off to a beach not far away from us…Bethany Beach.

Even just an overnight…walk on the beach…go to dinner…read…and home again but it’s just not happening…yet!

The food part of this post…


Potential dinners for tonight…different chicken dinners from Sheet Pan Suppers. I am waiting for Den to decide.


Or chicken from Lettie’s Kitchen…soooo good! It’s a cute little house kind of restaurant!


The clothes part of this post…

These are the best and most comfy leggings ever…I have the winter ones and these are the summer ones. They are from Grace and Lace. They donate a portion of the cost to their own schools in India and they always tuck a little gift in the package.
The Elle Dress from Good Hyuman…cotton knitty and a summer toss on…with a wrap…over leggings…I love stuff like this. It comes in black, too, which makes it a must have for me.
The book I will read next part of this post…I think this is going to be really sad…

Wood dishes out tragedy and charm in equal measure with an intergenerational friendship that retains its beauty despite death…although most readers will find tissues often necessary while navigating the layers of this story, the conclusion will leave them smiling through their tears.”—ShelfAwareness

The end of this post…


18 thoughts on “So…

  1. Elisabeth Foodandthrift says:

    Love your newest reading books, great stories, quirky characters, and of course all the quaint and sweet places you eat out at. This little restaurant certainly was a real house at one time, we have a few of those as well here in S. Florida, and they are in the historical section of a neighborhood where all the houses are turned into business offices, and doctors' offices, so different!

    As for the Easter part of the celebration, you are 'spot on' on the tradition, which certainly is in all of Ohio, not just Youngstown, but Cleveland especially! The poppyseed and nut roll, which is called Kalács in Hungarian, is unmistakably present on every holiday! Neither of them were my childhood favorite, but I've learned to adapt to it in adulthood, as long as I didn't have to make it!


  2. Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons says:

    The first book definitely sounds like a portrayal of true life. An interesting read is always a good one. Your dinner options look good to the palette. You've reminded me how I need to stock up for summer. My hot weather clothes stash sucks as I come from a well-known, foggy city.


  3. Patty Magyar says:

    I just got the dresses…I bought a black one and a navy one…they were very inexpensive and I love them…I would literally live in these all summer…toss tights underneath…toss on a wrap or cardi…the knit cotton fabric is amazing. I use an old teacher trick and I wear yoga shorts under dresses, too. I would buy more if they had more colors…it's an LA company…clothes are made in the US.


  4. says:

    Patty, 'All The Winters…' has been in my radar for a while. So many books, so little time right? 🙂 I love everything about this post. I particularly liked the outdoor pictures. 🙂


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