I am sure that everyone who loves books and loves to read gets a really amazing feeling when a new book is begun and…well…you don’t have to fight with it. There’s no rereading…there’s no trying to keep the characters straight…there is just this magical peaceful feeling and all you want to do is read. This is that book for me. And it’s already sad. It starts out sad. But I can take the sadness. It’s so beautiful…yep..the sad bits are quite lovely.

The boy…the one in a million boy…with an incredible amount of Guinness World Records committed to memory…mundane ones…the man who walked the farthest with a milk bottle on his head, the man who collected the most hair, the person who spun a coin the longest…these are the records the boy commits to memory. The boy needs things in groups of ten. The boy doesn’t really have friends. Ona is the 104 year old lady whom he helps for two hours every single Saturday. When he is finished helping…they sit and talk and share animal crackers. But…one Saturday the boy’s father comes instead of the boy. Hmmmm…

Love this quirky book! Ona is quite a character.




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