Oh My Those Beauty Filled Books!

What better thing to do on a rainy Monday ( when I am on my own ) than look at all of my yummy luscious amazing new books! And try to figure out how and when I am going to read them all!

Here they are!


The Sudden Appearence Of Hope

Tell Us Something True

Julia Vanishes


The Memory Book

Tuesday Night’s In 1980


Alice And Oliver

Just a big old assortment of YA and Grown Up books!

I read the most fascinating book over this rainy weekend.

It was about George Eliot and was really interesting!

What an odd woman she was!

And now I am wrapped up in another odd yet strangely fascinating book.

It opens at a boys school for elite and wealthy young men. Smoke sort of slithers out of them if they are less than good and they are punished for this…sounds weird but it’s kind of good!

Off to read for a bit but I have a really good Columbo on in the background.

Have a great day!



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14 thoughts on “Oh My Those Beauty Filled Books!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Enjoy! I have been curious about Tuesday Nights in 1980….thanks for sharing, and they do look beautiful on that stack. Most of my new books are e-books, so I don't have anything to photograph…


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