Beaches…Beachy Books…Beachy Foods!

Why can’t we just buy this room at the Mariott? It has everything I need! Cute little kitchen, two huge flat screen TVs, Starbucks in the lobby, a new friend named Ruthie The Hostess, another new friend named Uncle Frank The Concierge who will happily tell you he is the oldest employee at the hotel, great walking trails and the beach right in front of my face! There is nothing like sleeping along with ocean sounds…although we have not seen the sun in two or three days! I feel like Eloise! I could seriously live in a hotel!
The hotel…
View from our deck…
View from our room…
So…this weather is soooo conducive to reading…I randomly grabbed this one and I can’t put it down…of course…it is about high school…but this book starts with an “incident” when these kids were 13…
And this one, more of a fantasy…I am saving Serafina for later…
Have a great and awesome day!

I almost forgot about beachy foods! It’s so chilly here that I had chicken noodle soup for dinner and Den had chili! I did eat a crab cake…I guess that’s kind of beachy! We have been so in love with our room that we have been going to this great place called McCabe’s Gourmet and bringing food in!

Too rainy and cool to go out!



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