When Kitties Forgive…

So…we were in Bethany Beach for a few days…exploring, talking, getting another “feel” for this place that we never even knew existed…again…barely 2 hours away from us. We love Shannon…our realtor…her advice is sound and invaluable. We love Sherri from the gourmet store…we listen avidly to her story of relocating from Philadelphia to the beach. We chat with Ruthie at the hotel. She moved from a town minutes away from us and has been at the beach for years…so we listen and we learn.

Then we drive home…chatting all the way. We walk in and expect to be greeted by kitties who are sad and lost and miserable because we have been away from them for two whole nights…even though Aunt Donna has been attending to their every need for three days. Aunt Donna thinks Roxie is the sweetest kitty she has ever met and very needy without us there. I think it takes Roxie two seconds to forget us and replace us with Aunt Donna!


These two barely acknowledged our absence! Our presence?


Roxie came down and sort of glanced at us. Lucy never even came downstairs. They made us suffer for about two hours. They walked around us but ran when we tried to touch them. They looked at us disdainfully. And then they pounced! After long brushies and special food and playtime…they forgave us!


All is well for now!


I don’t even know how to classify this book…but it’s insightful and good…really good.

I need to read this one over the week end…


We are off to clean and tidy and do laundry! It’s a gloomy rainy day here today. But we are basking in the light of kitty forgiveness!


Have a festive week end!

We are only hoping for a glimpse of sun!




12 thoughts on “When Kitties Forgive…

  1. June says:

    What temperamental girls! Who would have thought?! Dissing their parents that way…lol…Like the name of that town—Bethany Beach—Is this a serious consideration?


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