These Are Some Of The Books!!!

For some odd reason I have been analyzing my reading tastes this week end.

So…what I have discovered is this!

The books that grab me the most are books like these…these character driven kind of long involved stories that might not be fast paced or page turners but ones that you can’t tear yourself away from. The characters can be so flawed or sweet or driven that I never really ever forget them.

Then here are just a scant few of my beloved fantasies. Lovely good main characters who fight against villains and creatures of the underworld and bad magic…characters who do whatever they can to fight evil…again and again and again! I read them all and yearn for more!

Then there are those tormented…yet delicious…mean girl, love struck, bullied, misunderstood characters in the YA books I love to read.

And then there are the books that I read that really don’t fall into my preferred genres…I call these my “odd men or women out” books. I have no idea why I am drawn to them! Sometimes they work for me…sometimes they don’t!

I love categorizing!

At this moment in time I am reading this…

And this…

And absolutely loving both!

And new books this week? I will chat about them tomorrow…

Have a great day!




16 thoughts on “These Are Some Of The Books!!!

  1. Kathryn T says:

    Oh I love some of the look of these books Patty. I don't mind character driven slow paced novels. In fact I guess I could say they are the ones I most like. I just got one of the Beatriz Williams that I hope to get to one day this year!!


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Oh, dear, I scrolled up to see more of the books…and my partial comment disappeared. Anyway…here goes again. I've read and enjoyed three books in the first group, and I'm intrigued by some in the second group. Not a big YA fan, but I read the ones that are thrillers.

    In the third group, I loved Swans of Fifth Avenue.

    You do have an eclectic taste in books. Enjoy!


  3. Stephanie Faris says:

    You're one of those unique creatures who can read two books at once! I always read one start to finish, then move to the next. I'm often drawn to covers, sadly…because you can't always judge a book by its cover.


  4. Patty Magyar says:

    I never used to be able to read this way but I have strict rules about it. As long as one to is a book and one is on my kindle…it works. And the book can never come upstairs and my kindle can never come downstairs. I am not obsessed much…am I?


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