One More Trip To Wolff’s!

Today we are planting 3 huge pots with what I love to call “my flowerpot potpourri”…

We trekked back to Wolff’s for just a few more flowers! I have tall spiky things in the middle of these pots and traily things for the sides and lavender and lemon balm and minty herbs to keep the mosquitos away! We will plop geraniums and lantana and verbena in these pots, too…and some amazing little pink popcorn flowers that I can’t remember the name of! And marigolds…we always plant marigolds…tiny ones because Den loves them even though he always calls them geraniums. Then we will say a prayer that we haven’t created a deer salad bowl! We bought these really cool whisky half barrels. I can’t wait to plant them but apparently plant gathering exhausted Den and he is napping! So…we will plant soon.

Oh my!

Finished this lovely book! Typical Beatriz Williams lovely style! It was just plain yummy!

Starting this now…I have no clue how I will feel about this one!

Off to read and plant and watch Den sleep!




14 thoughts on “One More Trip To Wolff’s!

  1. Ti says:

    Tuesday, is good. You will love it for the art aspect.

    We are beginning the process of converting our yard to a drought tolerant landscape. Very depressing.


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    OMG! I just requested that Tuesday Nights in 1980! Somebody wrote a review on it today, and it sounded good.

    Those flowers are gorgeous.

    I'm late to be writing…just finished watching the final season and episodes of The Killing. I loved the ending!


  3. lakesidemusing says:

    Beautiful flowers! I finally got everything cleaned up and am ready to plant, so a trip to the nursery is planned for tomorrow. I'm just starting Tuesday Nights in 1980, too! Didn't manage to get to it last night, but should pick it up today.


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