So…It’s The Middle Of The Week…

It has not been an exciting week. At all…lately I think my life is now the opposite of exciting…everything that Den suggests I am out of the mood for…movies, lunches, dinners out…I am just not in the mood! Seriously…is it this stream of bad weather and I need to be jump started into summer or is it because we have already been to the beach three times and it’s not even warm yet?

My siblings all have chaos in their lives…controlled chaos…one brother is still in Saudi but both of his daughters here are having first babies in the same month, my other brother has a daughter getting married and my sister is building a new house next door to her old house! If we venture home to Ohio we have to stay at a hotel because her daughter’s family…husband, dog and four young children are living in her house with her! This is because my sister’s daughter sold her house and my sister’s house won’t be ready until fall and my sister’s daughter is buying my sister’s house! My sister says there are kids, toys,and furniture everywhere!


We have decisions to make, too, but I am all about postponing them. I need time to think!


Reading this and really enjoying it…all of my book covers lately look like this…

And my iPad cover has these little tiny teeth marks in it, too. She tried to bite my Kindle cover but she can’t figure out how to open it.

Bookmarks…have the same fate…

The culprit…

Off to start my unexciting day…






12 thoughts on “So…It’s The Middle Of The Week…

  1. DMS says:

    She is reminding you to think of her every time you see those teeth marks. Sorry you are feeling blah. Glad you have some good books to read! 🙂


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Another reason I don't have kitties…lol. I had these lovely sheers on one of my windows (in the foothill house), and Sasha climbed up them, shredding them.

    Sorry you are at loose ends…I went out today, to the bookstore and then Elephant Bar for lunch. I feel quite chipper.

    Tomorrow might be a different kind of day, though. I probably won't leave the house, and it will definitely be boring. Or maybe not.


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