Hot Days, Rainy Days And AC Switches!

This has been a rough week…Den has been in Milwaukee…and of course when he is away I have to do everything here… trash, kitty maintenance…and running up and down to flick the AC switch…I haven’t cleaned or really done anything extra…kitty maintenance is involved and I have not been playing with Roxie enough. I don’t fuss enough when I give them their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They look at me as if to say…what? No song? No dance? No candles? They miss the way Den feeds them! He tracks e

very can he feeds them so that they don’t eat the same food in a day…I have been grabbing cans without looking at them…the way they look at me is priceless!

Reading this…it’s about a musician who takes a job as a nanny and then something life changing happens.

Hoping Den makes his flight through all of the storms happening today!




12 thoughts on “Hot Days, Rainy Days And AC Switches!

  1. Ti says:

    No rain here. Not surprising.

    It is a little cooler though after our 117 degree Monday.

    I leave for camp in a few days. My mind is running a mile a minute. So much to do but at the same time, I don't feel like doing any of it and might not.


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