That Darn Mouse!

This little guy is the reason the AC kept turning off all week! Morvent came in talking about how this kind of shut off was usually the sign of a bad compressor…Den and I are thinking…drats…we need a new AC…but we are running again for now. This little guy chewed up all the connecting wires!

Then…we are always careful with the kitties when workers are in…but Den got distracted and Roxie was in the basement with our repair man! We don’t allow her down there ever…there are boxes and plastic and everything she loves to chew, swallow and choke on! So I have no clue what is in her tummy!

Reading this but I am not really that into it…it might be time for a fantasy adventure!


Take care..have a great week end…see you on Monday!




14 thoughts on “That Darn Mouse!

  1. Rita @ View From My Books says:

    Cats like to “help” repairmen– they're curious that way 🙂 My cats would rub against the cable repairman's ankles when he's concentrating– hey, look at me down here!

    I didn't realize the mouse was outside doing the damage. Hmm, is there a way to put a cover over the unit to keep it protected for the future?

    When we lived in upstate NY we used to have tiny mice that lived in our woodpile out back and one got into our house. Our totally domesticated cats never tried to kill it, but one carried it in her mouth and then spit it out unharmed at her feet. Needless to say, that little guy was moved back out with his relatives!


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I absolutely loathe rodents, and even “cute” pictures won't change my mind on that! lol.

    I had some mice in my A-frame just before I sold it, and had the exterminator put traps around…and then, finally, poison. Yeah, I know. But he put it in the attic, so I had to keep the kitty out of the attic, which had access doors off the upstairs bedrooms. When people came to look at the house, I had to put the cat in the carrier, as they tended to leave doors open. (I've never understood how people can open doors and then fail to close them!).

    Hope Roxie is okay and that your AC works now.


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