Fun Facts?

I am actually less wobbly!

I am not gasping for breath when I “crawl” up the stairs at the day’s end!

I am getting used to sleeping sitting up…propped on four pillows…Roxie sleeping behind my head…and my head on one of these pillows. Last night’s sleep was awesome! I just got this pillow and it’s made a huge difference for my resting/ unresting head.


I am sort of hungry for weird things like this giant PopTart!

Den is going to try to bake us chocolate chip cookies on Sunday!

Our across the street neighbors are coming over tomorrow night to cook a pasta dinner here! Other than getting a crumble topped local peach pie and vanilla ice cream for dessert…I get to just sit! I will cry for the first two minutes but I am ok with that! I hope they are ok with that!

No less than 25 nurses, nurse practitioners, wound care doctors, oncologists, technicians, and surgeons have looked at my incision! They have even taken pictures of it! OMG! I have no weird thoughts about being modest any more! I am amazed at my lack of modesty!

I love my mail lady!

Den has washed my hair twice. He has brushed it and put it into a ponytail!

I don’t know where summer went!

I love Vicky our English neighbor…she makes me salmon!

I love Mary and Sue…they were the librarians at my school. They came to the hospital and they made lunch here and they check up on me!

I am cold much of the time…I have no interest in clothes but I did buy four fleecy hoodies! Like this! They are so warm!

I have been lucky enough to be hugged by tons of people lately…I hope to return these hugs and kindnesses as soon as I can!
More “fun” facts to come!




24 thoughts on “Fun Facts?

  1. Stefanie Ng says:

    Oh yay! I'm glad you are so happy in this post and feeling a bit better. It took a while to get here but you're getting there, yeah? The cookies look good and you made me drool over the meals your neighbors have been bringing over. Just enjoy it as you'd do the same for them. And thank you very much for the birthday cheer.


  2. June says:

    I love those neck pillows! I use it for traveling and sometimes around the house if I think I'll fall asleep while watching TV and want to protect my neck. OMG, the fleece hoodie and giant pop tart look amazing! Where do they sell those hoodies?! Slowly moving toward the old Patty…yay… 🙂 ♥


  3. Jennifer says:

    That hoodie looks so comfortable and warm. So glad you're feeling better. Hopefully you will be wound vac free very soon. Continued prayers for feeling better and gaining strength each day. Hugs!!!


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