So…It Wasn’t Meant To Be…Yet…

Every Monday I go to see Dr. W…his name is so filled with vowels that it’s rumored that no one can pronounce it. So…he is lovingly called Dr. W. He is retired military and an expert in wound care. My tiny little wound does not even phase him after what he has seen in his career. However…my tiny little wound brings me to the depths of despair on a daily basis.

So…yesterday…we are at the wound center…room 1…it’s a chair…not a bed…and it’s my “good luck” room. Our sweetest ever Nurse Practioner comes in and measures and checks out my wound and says she just knows this is my last day for the vac…she would never override Dr. W…but she has a good feeling about how good everything looks…and that’s all I need to hear. I have been eating as much protein and drinking as much Vitamin C as I can and I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t connected to this 8 pound vac or when a nurse wasn’t coming to our house to change the bandage every third day. My routine with this vac is that it goes where I go…bathroom, shower, walks around the house…I can’t really walk outside until it’s removed…I mean I know it sounds like nothing but I have to detach and reattach all day long…the tube literally comes out of my stomach! And at times there’s cramping…and I give in and just cry. I am trying not to be a crying kind of person but it’s not working for me…


So…the vac is back on until next Monday…it gurgles, it hurts, it’s annoying and I still can’t believe it’s a part of my life for the rest of this week. Night time is the worst part of it because it keeps me in one uncomfortable spot but Den says that I can do this.


I am on my own today…Den has my lunch packed, meds out, house rules in place. Neighbors know I am alone for a few hours, I can go downstairs once…not back up again. No work…although I did sort of wipe down our bathroom. No pushing or straining or lifting. No shower until Den comes home. Alarm on. Don’t open the door for anyone. I think I am good!

Time for a nap!



17 thoughts on “So…It Wasn’t Meant To Be…Yet…

  1. Ti says:

    You are going to be so happy to be rid of that vac but what a blessing it is right now. I mean, it's hard to see it as that but it's helping you heal and from the sound of it, you would not be healing well without it. Thank God for it. I'm sorry it hurts you though. On another note, what did Den pack for your lunch? I am guessing he is a good lunch packer. Maybe there's a cookie in there??


  2. Patty Magyar says:

    There is a cookie! A thin crisp one from Panera's! And we go with my protein cravings lately…a salami and cheese half sandwich with yellow mustard! The salami is nitrate and sulfite free…I want it with a handful of potato chips and a glass of milk. The problem is actually eating it…my cravings always sound so good to me…Den races around to get them and then after a bite or two I am done…so I am waiting until I feel really hungry to eat!


  3. Mary (Bookfan) says:

    I'm annoyed and frustrated for you, Patty. But it sounds like you're getting excellent care from the professionals and from your sweet Den so do everything they tell you (like you're not already doing that, right?). Sending positive vibes your way. Did you ever get that book you won from my blog??


  4. Rita @ View From My Books says:

    Oh Patty, so sorry to hear of all the pain and troubles you are going through! I was off my blog for about a month due to a nosedive back into a depressive state, so I didn't know(I have severe chronic depression all my life, but diagnosed about 15 years ago).

    I have been catching up on all your recent posts– you are one tough gal, for sure, remember that! What you are able to accomplish in a relatively short time would bring someone like me to their knees! God bless you & your family in every way, and I hope that the Dr. takes out your vac next week.

    When my husband had 2 cancer surgeries a few years ago, his incision was so long and deep across his whole chest, & sat right above his rather large stomach, that it took very long to heal. The doctor finally wound up putting medical glue on it every few days, after the infection healed up. Not as severe as your case, but it took a while for him to be able to sit up in bed without ripping it open.

    I saw the photo of you from a few days ago, and you still look lovely! Isn't it funny what we don't dwell on when emergencies happen, and what we cherish? You have a beautiful home, wonderful husband, and sweet kitties… that is all you need for now. The rest will return– including enjoyment of reading and eating various foods– later. I wish you a week of peaceful sleep each night until your next appointment…


  5. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Great blog post! Getting those feelings out, good and bad, are also part of the healing process. Like having a painless vac for your soul. Because surely venting the emotions through words is freeing you from the frustration…sort of.

    I have high hopes that you are near the end of the vac time, and that you will soon be focusing on “boring” stuff like Vine books and NetGalley books.

    Den sounds like the perfect healing companion, with the support, the lunches, and all he does, too.

    Hang in there!


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