I Have Done Nothing At All This Summer…

Please please please don’t think that my blogs are falling into the “poor Patty, woe is me” category…and when I say I have done nothing…I am just so limited in what I can do right now…sigh!

It’s more of an eye opening realization that I don’t always have to be the one in charge! And it’s been nice letting go…

Our house looks almost the same…I walk around with my vac and my Swiffer…dusting…Den vacuums, changes bed linens and shops. Lots of upstairs rooms remain with their doors shut…we just don’t use them…laundry gets done…Den is always doing sheets and towels…he loves them pristinely clean and he changes sheets every three days! Football Sunday is Den’s fave day to do his laundry and mine…it distracts him!

A friend told us about a group of Amish ladies who will come in and thoroughly clean our house…woodwork, floors, etc. as soon as our house is clean enough we will call them to keep it even cleaner!

Right now we are dealing with tiny little bees on the deck. We also woke up to our tankless water heater not working. This was supposed to be a relaxed Sunday!

I know that once my wound vac is removed…tomorrow…I will be able to do more. I will be free! Unfettered! Unattached! I can walk where I want without carrying an 8 pound bag with me! I won’t trip over cords! I am overly excited by this event and I pray I won’t be knocked down again…even if I have to wear a belly band…yep…a belly band…don’t even ask!

Before all of this illness befell me…we were getting this house readied for a potential sale…we needed new family room furniture, rug cleaning, painting, etc. Our family room furniture was much loved but much used by the two of us…and the chair I needed to sit in…when I rest…is so uncomfortable. But now all plans of moving are gone…we can’t imagine leaving here…I can’t even think about it. So the last ten days we have been working with a furniture stylist to choose new furniture…Den went to the furniture store and scouted out pieces…all we knew was that we wanted leather…he sat on sofas, he sat on overstuffed chairs, he rested his legs on ottomans. We hoped that comfy for him meant comfy for me. I am still housebound and will be for a while. So using technology and photos and Den’s testimonials…we bought everything yesterday…to be delivered on Thursday. Den found a coffee table that he loves and an end table for the chair and ottoman…the old controlling Patty might have protested but this Patty just wants him happy. We are controlling our impulses, too…we will look at lamps, different blinds, and other stuff once the furniture is in!

So…the only issues we have today are bees and cold water? What a way to start Football Sunday!




12 thoughts on “I Have Done Nothing At All This Summer…

  1. Janet says:

    That sounds like good price progress with the furniture. I hope that you love it as much as Den does!

    The Amish ladies sound like a good idea!

    I want one of those tankless water heaters! But I'm sorry that yours isn't working. 😕
    Hoping to hear the good news tomorrow that your relationship with the wound vac is in the PAST!


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Ooh, the bees look a bit scary…maybe staying inside is a good thing right now.

    I like the way Den handles things, and you are letting go…a little. Maybe you will enjoy this new version of Patty?

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  3. Stefanie Ng says:

    Hey, life throws you curveballs so you deal the best you can in a way that works for you. I hope the new furniture works out for you. That bee thing is kind of scary. Don't want to mess with them. Can you call a beekeeper or something for advice?


  4. McGuffy Ann Morris says:

    I am glad the bee keeper was able to resolve this. Sometimes bees lose their home and need to relocate. Sometimes it is while they are being transported by trucks to farms, etc. I hope it all went well.

    Just focus on getting well, Patty. You are still you, but life gives you things to teach you, help you grow as a human being. Look at this as a life lesson, and you will be fine. See what you can garner from it to make you stronger. You are in my prayers. Hugs.


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