Those Anniversary Flowers…

With just the two of us making up our little family…I must admit that we both spoil each other…birthdays, Christmas, Halloween…lol…and anniversaries. Oh my…especially anniversaries…Den has made every anniversary incredibly special…he knows that my favorite flowers have always been tiny white roses and babies breath tied with a silk bow and he goes out of his way to find that bouquet for me. That was my bridal bouquet and I have always loved those little white roses. I know that over the years he has gone crazy over the roses…he has found tiny ones, large ones, tea ones, all white ones, pale pink ones and sometimes he has even given me more than one bouquet. I have loved them all. I have loved his efforts and I have loved how important the flowers are to him!

It truly doesn’t matter to me not because I don’t care but because I love every thing that he does. He is one of those gentle men…he would do anything for me…he loves choosing a card…he loves writing in the cards and he loves when the cards make me cry…as they often do!

We always turn our anniversaries into events…usually overnighters to great restaurants…last year we had a romantic dinner at Volt in Frederick, Maryland…we were dressed up and had an incredible time. We loved every minute…we reminisced, we laughed, we talked about our past and we talked about our future. There is always a beautiful gift…one that Den has gone out of his way to make memorable.

This year…well…this year is different but it is still beautiful…I could not imagine doing anything other than staying home with Den…not that I have other options…but staying at home helps me notice all of the little and big things that Den has been doing for me every single day since all of this went down. Bringing me tea every morning, putting all of my pills together, monitoring protein intake, constantly refreshing ice water, helping me shower, doing my laundry, cleaning, cooking, shopping, doing so many things…both little and big…that I am in awe of his patience and generous nature. Mostly, too, just being my support…telling me I am strong even when I feel I am at my weakest. Driving me to every appointment and sitting in with me and the doctors…asking the questions I am too overwhelmed to ask. He even keeps track of meds in a notebook and knows when refills are needed. Plus he is still funny and silly and can make me laugh!

I will always remember when I was still in the hospital…Den would come and spend most of the day just sitting with me…these were early days when I just wanted to sleep. But he always came and sat in uncomfortable chairs and talked to me about our house and the kitties and the yard and how empty the house was without me. And how I would be home soon.

I now know what it means to really love someone unconditionally. I see it in my Den day after day after day.



30 thoughts on “Those Anniversary Flowers…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Happy anniversary! What a beautiful love story the two of you have created! Romance in all of its forms, from the extraordinary to the mundane moments of life, all embellished with love.

    Thanks for sharing, and enjoy!


  2. Patty Magyar says:

    Mary (Bookfan) has left a new comment on your post “Those Anniversary Flowers…”:

    Happy Anniversary, Patty and Den. You two have something very special and, more importantly, you know and appreciate it.


  3. judith szabo says:

    you two are so very blessed to have each other..that was such a beautiful post and the picture of both of you is beyond loveliness…may God continue to grant you many more precious memories year after year…much love to you, Patty and Den…


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