Random Stuff…

Yesterday I was moaning and groaning because I didn’t have the middle book in this series. The lovely Kayleigh from Berkeley just sent it to me…I am so thankful! I am no longer groaning or moaning!

I am caught up in this book…the subject matter is sad…two little boys disappeared ten years ago when they were six years old…one of them has been sighted in London but as you can imagine…his life during the ten years he has been missing has been miserable and sordid. The main character…Myron Bolitar…is bigger than life. He has been in a number of Harlem Coban’s books…these books are always edgy, fast paced and enjoyable. This book follows that vein…

My girls…why are they watching me? The bed hopping they do is amazing!

Dinner tonight…it’s in the slow cooker…we only have to cook the pappardelle…it’s a flank steak and seasonings and crushed tomatoes…cooking for hours until the steak shreds right inside of the slow cooker. There is a scoop of ricotta cheese on top! I have actually been cooking! This recipe is from Lindsay Ostrom at Pinch Of Yum.

I am so cold lately…I am forever looking for soft fleecy warm tops to just wear around the house and out and about…although my out and about is still limited. I found these at Nordstrom’s online…they are amazingly soft and warm! It’s cold here today!
Den is making us cups of green tea. We are each allowing each other to have two Halloween candy bars…and then I am taking a nap!


14 thoughts on “Random Stuff…

  1. Rita @ View From My Books says:

    I love Pinch of Yum– Lindsay is a wonderful & creative cook 🙂 And I love to use my slow cooker for certain meals.

    Oh, I want that soft grey wrap– I've been looking for a poncho, shawl, or wrap-type outerwear for quite awhile. Something loose and soft and comfy!


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Oh, I am late here today…in fact it's Thursday already! I took a nap earlier, and then stayed up late to finish reading Confess.

    Love the delicious looking dinner.

    Your girls are watching you, to make sure you don't leave again!


  3. lakesidemusing says:

    That fleece top looks so comfy!! My feet have been cold lately, so I'm loving wool socks… a special pair handmade by a friend and some smartwool socks from the drawer. How nice the publisher sent you the next book – glad you are enjoying the series. And your dinner…. YUM!


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