I Am Up To…

15 minutes on my treadmill…I even inclined it a bit today…and I walked a bit faster…and I did weights…it’s my personal best for now! It is still scary amazing to me how exhausted I can still get…I am still careful around stairs…going up stairs is still a little tough…but I try to do it at least 3 or 4 times a day…and I am cooking! I made this for dinner yesterday and it was delicious…it must be popular this week because I have seen it pop up on lots of blogs. I used Pinch Of Yum’s recipe and the white stuff is a huge spoonful of a really good ricotta cheese. Sooooo good.


Reading this…it’s all about libraries and magic and dragons and I loved the first one so much and now I have all three! I love when wishes are granted!


Now this sounds really strange but I am making it for dinner…I think the recipe came from the NYT…it’s white cannelini beans and tuna and gruyere cheese and some other stuff…I think cream and Panko bread crumbs…made into a Gratin! It actually has a formal name…Breton Tuna And White Bean Gratin!

It is totally dismal here today…coolish and rainy and Den doesn’t feel well…headache and other aches…so he is resting. Since he put himself under a fluffy white blanket the kitties are jumping all over him…even Lucy!



16 thoughts on “I Am Up To…

  1. Ti says:

    That Tuna dish sounds very interesting. The ingredients are odd but all together I imagine it would be really tasty.

    I knew you'd be cooking soon. All those food posts on Facebook really make me hungry. You too, I guess!

    I am in a blissful state right now. I am not 100% at rest, as you know. Work is such a bore but I am in a pretty good place right now. Evenings free for the most part and it's lovely.

    I am finishing Summer of Night by Dan Simmons. I had to put it off for a bit to read my book tour book for Friday (Fractured). That was a crazy book. Good title for it. I am also reading some devotionals because they just sound good to me.

    I am trying to figure out what to make for Halloween. I will be at work but plan to leave early to avoid the traffic. Last year I thought we'd order a pizza but the wait time was 3-4 hours!! I need to plan better. What should I make??


  2. Patty Magyar says:

    It sounds as though you are very relaxed this week! What about White Chicken Chili? I think that my Breton Bean Dish will be really good, too! It does feel good to cook again…I got kicked out of chemo again yesterday…sigh!


  3. Stefanie Ng says:

    What progress you have made. Don't over do it now; listen your body's cues. That gratin dish looks yummy. Cupcake loves her spuds here. I need to try one one day. Sorry Den's not feeling well; rest is key and burying under a fluffy blanket is a plus.


  4. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    You are amazing! You've been through a lot, you're making progress…and you're cooking delicious meals! I am not surprised, though; you love doing things and connecting with people, too.

    Hope Den feels better soon!


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