I am still in the midst of this book…it’s unique and fun and I love Irene…the sexy Librarian. She is funny because it seems as though her blood is always getting “stirred up” by certain “males” in her world. Her assistant, Kai, is a Dragon but he can have a human form, her enemy is a Fae, and the man she works with is a Human. Irene is sort of human but being the kind of librarian she is…she can do lots of super human things…this book is about locating Kai…who has been abducted. I know this series does not appeal to everyone but I love it!

Some really interesting new books…

From Amazon…

“Boundary-pushing and provocative, this is a novel about the twisted secrets families keep – and the fierce and terrible love that both binds them together and rips them apart.”

What could be better than another Lisa Jewell book?


That’s it! Once I finish The Masked City I can dive into these!

Have a lovely Monday!



Oh…I am making “Garbage Bread” for dinner tonight. It looks like this photo…and it is supposed to taste like a White Castle Hamburger! We used to live in St. Louis and after a party we would never fail to stop at White Castle for those tasty addictive tiny little hamburgers! We lived on a mountain and White Castle was just before we started our drive up the hill! I am making these a bit healthier by using organic ground turkey and I am eliminating the bacon! But…some of the cheese has to be Velveeta…and I am using that…sigh! This recipe is from Cookies And Cups. And apparently there are hundreds of recipes for different kinds of Garbage Breads…breakfast ones, too!


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