What To Read Next…

It’s not about not having choices…I have far too many choices…it’s what I am in the mood for. Lately there has been some weirdly odd twist in every book I think I want to read that makes me shelve it…for now. I am not in the mood for YA or Fantasy…and usually I can count on these to help me make a decision. I really think it might be that one book on Overdrive that I have been “next” for…for the last week! Again…my love/hate with Overdrive!


Well…what do you know…while I was composing this…the book I was next for actually came to me! Yahoo! This is what I will be reading next…

Thank you Overdrive! Finally!
What am I hungry for? For some odd reason I think I can eat a Cheeseburger and French Fries…I am toying with Wendy’s but I worry about the source of the meat on the hamburger so that’s probably out…
I need the Cheeseburger to be organic…and this is totally weird…I want a Seaweed Salad for dinner…salads have not appealed to me and I am supposed to be careful about washing veggies…but a Seaweed Salad? I think I can handle that…and dumplings and cooked sushi…like tempura sushi…regular sushi is out for me for a long time.
I just saw this cookbook!
I just bought this cookbook!
I love soups!
Off to think about French Fries and why I want them!


12 thoughts on “What To Read Next…

  1. Ti says:

    I had trouble with my ARC copy of The Couple Next Door but I have since gotten a copy from the library. It looks really good!!

    And seaweed salad sounds so delish! I made a kale, almond and Parmesan salad for lunch and I will drizzle it with the citrus honey dressing I made last night. It leaked all over my lunch box though so hopefully I will have enough dressing to coat the darn thing.


  2. Rita @ View From My Books says:

    I also want to read The Couple Next Door– sounds intense! Hope you enjoy it. If you do, I'll look for it at my library.

    Oh soup cookbook, yay! I don't make homemade soup often enough because younger daughter doesn't like soup (!?) but husband and son do. Son's not home yet, but he will be for a month at Christmas time, and I think I'll make a nice soup every week to have with good quality crusty bread, yum.

    By the way, for your cravings… do you have a “Panera Bread” near you? They don't make burgers and fries, but I belong to their frequent shopper club, and they sent out an email lately that they've revamped their whole menu and everything is freshly made, a lot is organic, etc. I'm not getting paid by them, lol, to suggest this. I just like their food.


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