The Weekend And Into Monday!

So…I read and enjoyed this…YA readers should enjoy the strong female character…Charlotte Holmes…a descendant of Sherlock. However every time I read anything Sherlockian…the only Sherlock who comes to mind is this one…sigh!

This one…


And now he is in this which I can’t go to see because theatres are too “germy” for me right now…sigh…it’s ok…I keep telling myself this is a temporary glitch in my life and I can do this…I can do this!

So…the week end was not promising as far as outings but the good thing is that I really do love our house and we are making it even more comfy and loveable…new oversized family room furniture…new blinds in the family room to keep out too much sun…we are getting a bigger TV for the family room and moving our family room TV to our bedroom. We have Netflix and tons of books to read…treadmill and weights in the basement and a stepping machine…a TV and Yoga tapes and weights there, too. Our bedroom is big and comfy and now one of my favorite places to be. There is a soft blanket to snuggle in on my new bedroom chair. It’s just how my life has to be for a few months. I seriously can’t imagine going out into crowds in cold and flu season…it scares me! As soon as I get really hungry again we will go to dinner but not on the weekends. I ache for Den…who bears all of this with me. He shares it…he runs out for anything I crave…he does everything for Lucy and Roxie…I can’t go near litter. He is my knight…my prince…my sweet sweet boy. He insists on sitting with me during chemo…on hard chairs…that hurt his back and his “man parts”…but he does it for me. I treasure that love and hold it in my heart.

So…Overdrive did a total redo of their system and I swear on one book I got bumped to 104! 104 lovely readers are ahead of me for this book…I have it on Audible but it puts me to sleep! 104 readers with two weeks each to read this book? Will it be years before I get to borrow it? Oh my!

I swear Lucy and Roxie are my guardian angels…they are either in my lap or watching me carefully!


And my life goes on…

I think I will read this next…

Or this…

Or this…

Not sure…I will decide later…




15 thoughts on “The Weekend And Into Monday!

  1. lakesidemusing says:

    Your house sounds like a wonderfully cozy and comfortable place, and even more so now with all the recent improvements! Den must be the most patient, loving man ever… you married a gem! I don't know much about the books you've mentioned, so will wait for you to tell me all about them. Happy Monday 🙂


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Oh, your house sounds wonderful! From your descriptions and pictures I've seen, I know I would love to be there!

    I think your kitties see that you are slightly different, so they're checking you out, just to be sure you are still “you.”

    And you got one of the last good guys in Den! And I know you appreciate him, which is really important.


  3. Stefanie Ng says:

    If there was a big snowstorm, your house is the place to be as you are all hooked up in it. What an amazing husband you have. This is a chapter in your life that has to be like this which requires adjustment and adaptation. You are both doing well with it all. Just keep tellin' him how much it all means to you. That's all that matters to him and seeing you take care of yourself and getting well in any possible way.


  4. Rita @ View From My Books says:

    You have a wonderful man, Patty– and from what I've heard and seen– a gorgeous, comfy, cozy home. Eventually you'll wander back out into the crowds, but when you don't have to go out to the doctor's, then make staying at home a positive experience. You even have two loving kitties to cuddle with you and keep you company when Den is busy!


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