Books,Thoughts, Adventures?

Well…the books are ever present…it’s always about deciding what to read next…thoughts…I probably have way too many of them and I need to start focusing on one day at a time. I have to admit here that I am a little down. I think it’s because of the antibiotics…every single day at 6AM, NOON, and 10PM…for two weeks. The last one will hopefully be next Tuesday. I should not be complaining because it’s Den who bears the brunt of giving them to me…through something called a pick line? It’s just that I see more and more of my life being removed from me. I know this is short term but it is really difficult to deal with.

I had such a great talk with my primary doctor yesterday…he helped me see things in perspective and I am going to start some antidepressants to help me get through some of this. Everyone agrees my path hasn’t been that easy. I cry far too much, I am sad, I thought I could be ok staying at home and dealing with this but it’s not working the way I thought it would. My plan is a bust…I should have let family come but now it’s too late. I thought I would be stronger…I thought I would keep my humor…I thought I would stay more like myself. But it’s not happening. I am positive yet sad. My trusted fantasy books and the food channel are not helping me the way I thought they would.

I pray, I hope, I wish and yet I am still sad.

Book rundown…

Finished this but it was far from entertaining…

Starting this and so far it’s enchanting…

I do have someone special to watch over me…


I am ok…I willl be ok…




14 thoughts on “Books,Thoughts, Adventures?

  1. Rita @ View From My Books says:

    Hugs and happy thoughts and prayers sent to you right now!

    If you want any perspective on SSRIs (for the depression) I have been on them for 15 years and I'm not the only one in my extended family who is, so I know quite a bit (email me if you need a shoulder about this or just opinion).

    To better days ahead….


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