I was so excited to start reading this book last night. It has everything I love in a book. However…once I read the first page I realized I read it already! Apparently my expert book tracking system didn’t work. But…I must have read it a long time ago because the copies I have…2 of them…were sent not too long ago. So I must have read a document…sigh…I hate when this happens!


Anyway…I am going to try this one…I have had it for a while so we will see what happens with it…plus I know for sure I didn’t read this one…yet!

Off to read and watch TV…with my little friend!





8 thoughts on “So…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Oh, I hate when that happens! I've actually bought a book in the bookstore, so sure I haven't read it, only to discover it on my shelves.

    I need to check my blog list from my phone from now on.

    I hope you enjoy your second choice book!


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