So…books about NYC just seem to pull me in…this book is really great and beautifully written…it follows Ethan and Julia from college to living in NYC and their first jobs. Ethan is in finance…Julia is with a nonprofit. They appear to be madly in love but undercurrents of dissatisfaction with their relationship begin to show up. That’s what makes this book delicious!

I can’t stand it! The February Buzz Book is out on NetGalley! I will be perusing mine momentarily.


I have discovered that Den believes that a food expires on its expiration date. He systematically goes through the fridge and tosses that food out! My best macaroni and cheese is with cheese that might be a day or two past its expiration! He tossed out an artisanal pizza dough that was a few days expired! Am I wrong? I continue to try to tell him that one day or two is ok!

Den! Leave the cheese alone!

I feel myself yearning for fantasy…I have a selection and have not even opened one up yet! Soon…all of these are said to be amazing!

My goal today is to make a cheese sauce before Den gets to the refrigerator!






8 thoughts on “Life…

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    I am looking up The Futures! It probably has not been released yet….sigh. I don't want to add any more NetGalley books right now, as I have so many (for me). And if it's Edelweiss, forget about it! LOL

    I had to laugh about the expiration dates…I think those are sell-by dates, right? But…I get paranoid about some things, like eggs.


  2. Lisa Driscoll says:

    I love the buzz books BUT I when I get them off Net Galley I always feel compelled to do some sort of “review” LOL they tank your ratio if you don't. I'm very protective of my ratio. It's at 88 and I don't like it below 90 but there have been lots of good ones I've requested lately. Sigh…What to do.


  3. McGuffy Ann Morris says:

    I tend to agree with Den about expiration dates. I remember the salmonella scare in the 1980s!
    I am wanting to read “The Bear and the Nightingale”! I did just get Joshilyn Jackson's book, “The Almost Sisters”! HUGS.


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