My craving for pasta runs deep this week. Adding Orzo to our chicken soup helped and making and doctoring up a box of Annie’s Mac & Cheese helped. I love anything Annie’s. Annie’s Tomato Soup is awesome. Den and I mix tiny pasta in that, too! Adding butter and Parmesan Reggiano Cheese takes it over the top! We are both pasta crazy!


There is a recipe on Bon Appetit for pasta with an oven roasted tomato sauce. You use canned whole tomatoes and butter. I am trying it this weekend.

My fave canned tomatoes…

And lasagna…no bake noodle lasagna…there’s a really simple recipe on Epicurious that uses three cheeses and spinach.

Finishing this momentarily…it was so good. I loved being in the midst of the complicated relationship of Evan and Julia…two not so nice millennials…at least I think they are millenials…the not so nice part I am sure about…especially Julia!

Up next…I think finally fantasy…

It’s rainy here…we are in all day…Den is determined to clean the entire downstairs. I try to grant him his wishes…heeheehee.








8 thoughts on “So…

  1. Ti says:

    I wasn't aware that Annie's made soup but then I see it's AMY'S. I've had Amy's other soups but not liked them. I will have to see if the tomato one has gluten. The Annie's GF mac and cheese is pretty good in a pinch when I am really craving mac and cheese.


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