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I can’t really knit. My sister is an amazing knitter and knits all of the time. She has knitted me the shawl I love and about 10 hats that I love. I can knit and I can purl and I think that doing those together is another kind of knitting stitch. Anyway…a few weeks ago I found this scarf that I fell in love with…I mean I love this scarf! My sister knew right away that it came from a site called WE ARE KNITTERS. Everything on the site is a kit and it’s categorized by ability. This was in the easy category. Perfect for moi. Everything on this site is expensive. You would not believe me if I told you how much this scarf was. But they were having a sale! So after a brief consultation with my sister Paula…I bought it. And…because I was feeling brave and cocky…I bought this sweater kit, too! It was labeled easy so I decided I could handle it, too! Plus I love it and I imagined myself knitting more than one.

But then my sister reminded me about something I was previously unaware of called GAUGE. So both patterns are in the closet until I am brave enough to “gauge” my gauge! Sigh! Apparently you can’t just knit! Plus I am so excited about both of these because they both use size 19 needles! These needles are HUGE! Can you knit a sweater in a day? I think I can!

I imagine I might have interference from…



Fantasy, Russia, freezing cold mysterious and dangerous forests…and a girl who is different…I am just at the beginning and the girl…Vasya…is very young but the writing is lovely and the story quite fascinating.

What we are eating over the weekend…these are from damn delicious.

And this Turkey Chili from clean eating couple…

So…stay warm…and…have a great week end! See you on Monday!




15 thoughts on “Reading & More!

  1. Ti says:

    That turkey chili looks amazing. I had the best vegan chili at my book club holiday party. She used garbanzo beans which is so weird but they were not canned and they were so dense and chewy. That doesn't sound good but man was it!

    I had no idea that you knew how to knit. I don't think you ever mentioned it.


  2. Patty Magyar says:

    I think that any time you use dried beans you get a much better product. I use Rancho Gordo beans from near Napa as much as I can. I make a batch in the slow cooker and use them all week…in salads and other stuff! I can only do basic knitting…so I probably should not have bought these kits. Making that chili tomorrow…Den bought all the stuff earlier.


  3. Mary (Bookfan) says:

    So about 5 years ago my BFF and I decided to take a knitting basics class – a refresher for us since we hadn't tried to knit anything for about 30 years! I really enjoyed it and now take a monthly knitting project class at a little indie yarn store in my area. The whole gauge thing was a bit daunting at first but it's necessary if you want an item to turn out so that you'll want to wear it, haha. I'm still at the easy stage but, in the class, I'm taking on a challenging pattern that I think I've ripped out 3 times. The class is this Monday night and I'm hoping the master knitter who leads the class will be able to save me once again *sigh*.
    Anyway, I'm glad I'm trying something new – keeps the brain cells multiplying (or so they tell me). If I ever finish the sweater I'll post a pic on my blog. Last fall I learned how to knit a fair isle hat – and it turned out!


  4. lakesidemusing says:

    Hope you had a good weekend. I used to be a knitter, but haven't picked up my needles in 20 years. Suddenly feeling the urge to do so… will check out that website. The gauge thing is so pesky, though necessary (I've learned the hard way!)


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