The Cat In Charge Is…


I think that our room turning into a shared room with the kitties happened because of me. I love our room and being fatigued from chemo made me want to be in it more than ever. Comfy chairs, big TV, big comfy bed…all made me feel better. Because I spent more time in our room…the kitties spent more time in our room.

It seems as though they have their own “kitty corner”…heated beds, kitty tree so Roxie can watch the birds, scratchers and a Feliway Kitty Calming Plug-in that I swear calms Den and me more than the kitties. And we all seem to cater to Lucy.

Enter the new kitty steps…


It seemed to us that Lucy was having trouble getting into our bed…she would jump on our newest chair which I thought was ok until I saw pulled threads. So her route to our bed was chair, nightstand, finally our bed…and it seemed to be getting more and more difficult for her and the scratching sound of her jumping on the chair was irritating to me. Sigh! So…we bought the steps thinking it would be an easy fix.

Lucy does not see it that way…so…if we block the chair she will use the steps…easily. If the chair is not blocked…she will use the chair…sigh! Roxie just jumps over everything including the stairs. Yesterday we “enticed” Lucy to use the stairs with a white grape as her reward. She walked up the steps easily to get to the grape and to get to me…her other reward! But she has yet to use the steps on her own…she does not see the point to them…double sigh!

So…the step saga goes on and on…and probably on some more!


Almost done with this…which I chose instead of…

this…but I think I am reading this next…

Find me is interesting…a girl commits suicide but her BF believes she is still alive. Lots of conspiracy theories abound because Jar…the BF…believes he sees her in all kinds of places. It’s all very mysterious.

Happy Valentine’s Day!





12 thoughts on “The Cat In Charge Is…

  1. Rita @ View From My Books says:

    Find Me looks awesome. Hope you enjoy it!

    Cats do their own thing, and she isn't interested in your logical path to the bed 🙂 Maybe move the new chair out of her jumping range of the bed, then buy an inexpensive or second-hand ottoman and put it next to the side of the bed. She might just use that. We have one to keep my legs up (they ache if they dangle) and my cats love to lie on it, or use it as a stepping stone, even though they're able to jump up to the couch easily. Just a thought….


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