Oh My!

I guess I didn’t blog yesterday! I do everything on my iPads…but I have a big iPad and I have a baby iPad…I take my baby iPad to Oncology…yesterday I got “chemoed”…and I didn’t write my blog post! We were at Oncology from 10:00 until almost 4:00! I call it Big Chemo Day. And it is exhausting even though I just sit there! Bag after bag of clear liquids go into my small body…I have to drag my stuff/bags/equipment to the bathroom every hour! I get Benadryl which does not put me to sleep but makes me sound literally “drunk” and makes my body jerk for an hour…then an anti nausea bag…then a steroid bag…and then the big guns…the chemo bags! But my no nonsense Oncology doctor says all my numbers are trending really well! I even hate putting it in print for fear something will change but he will never lie to me…he is one of the best in his field and he came out to tell me because he knows I am a worrier/panic attack person. Actually everyone there knows that about me…sigh…I just can’t help it! That’s why every third Wednesday we bring them a treat from “Weggieman’s”…yesterday it was a beautiful carrot cake! When we were done and walked in our door I had enough energy to shower and drop into bed! I didn’t fall asleep but just rested and read…but by 7:00 ish I was out…Den woke me and literally made me eat dinner…and then I fell asleep until 2:00…woke up and found Lucy in my arms…my sweet comfort kitty…and she put me back to sleep until morning. I think she knows when I need her…


We go back today at 3:00 to get a Neulasta shot. I have to have that 24 hours after Big Chemo and it makes white blood cells grow and protects me from any infections but it hurts! Joints ache for a few days because that’s where it goes…I guess. Again for me it really hurts!

Enough of that…I am sorry but I just wanted to share my day!

Oh…one more thing…my beautiful Oncology doctor always tells me I am beautiful…which makes me cry every single time…slouchy hats, no hair anywhere…the growth I had fell out again from Big Chemo…no eyebrows or eyelashes…I cry every time I look in the mirror but when he tells me that it breaks my heart. Den tells me that, too, every day but he has to…right?

I tell everyone it’s Mac really red lipstick…the only makeup I can wear!


Loving this one…it alternates between the college years of Kate, Jenny and Aubrey twenty years later…it’s all secrets and lies and maybe even a death/murder and how they are dealing with them now. Oh…and their lives now are pretty much a mess!

Love books like this!

So…I am still tired today so it’s a “down low” day…I will finish my book…read more of this one…it’s so good, too…magic and goblins abound…

Most hopefully reading this one next…

Again thank you for reading my “tales of woe” posts!

Have a great day!

Virtual hugs to everyone!



20 thoughts on “Oh My!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Oh, I love how you are able to talk about all of it, from your worries to the discomfort and even pain…and then move on to your books. You are a hero!

    I am very proud of Den and Lucy, and their support.

    I have been noticing a lot of books lately with the word “husband” in the title, just as last summer, it was all about “girls.”

    It's Always the Husband looks like one I must have…and so does the Deb Caletti book. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Rita @ View From My Books says:

    Of course you're beautiful…. hair doesn't make or break a woman! It's the inside that shines outward.

    So glad to hear you got through Big Chemo day well and have Den to wake you up for dinner, and Lucy to nurture you. If you have to go through something like this, at least you have a wonderful family to help you through it!

    Now I want to read It's Always the Husband, sounds so intriguing! And the Deb Caletti is already on my wishlist to pick up someday. Enjoy your reading!


  3. Argie says:

    Thinking of you! I keep thinking how far you have come, even with just reading. I remember when you said you could not even read a book and it was upsetting you. So glad to see more normal days than not, even with the “Big Chemo”.


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