Nothing Hurts! And Books!


Today I am finally out of my Neulasta Slump! My body just aches after that Neulasta shot…it’s not pain…it’s just body aches that make me want to just stay still…and a weariness that makes me feel sorry for…well…me. So…I call my sister and cry…I hate doing it…but then soon we are talking about my parents and laughing. My sister Paula told me that she is more aware of ladies going through the same issues that I am going through. She is vacationing in Florida and saw a lady wearing a “chemo” cap like mine. She wanted to go to her and just say something…anything…encouraging…but she didn’t want to bother her. That made us both think that if it was our mom…well…our mom would have gone to that lady and hugged her and told a complete stranger that she was in her prayers. That was our mom! Our mom went to Mass every day and prayed for everyone! I could call my brothers and cry, too, but it would just make them feel awkward. So my sister is my shoulder to cry on. Sorry, Paula! Oh…I do cry to girlfriends and my sisters in law, too…but Paula gets the biggest share of tears. I really don’t cry often…just after Big Chemo and Neulasta…it’s bad for a few days and then I can be almost normal for over two weeks…hairless but normal! Advantages? My legs are silky smooth and my eyebrows don’t need tweezing!


Reading this…it’s fantasy fiction and I am captivated by the cover. This is a new author and other fantasy fiction authors that I love are raving about this book.


Also reading this…on my Kindle…because I randomly started it and I have to have a Kindle book for reading in the dark!

My fave “chemo” cap…lightweight…easy to wear…I have every color! But I still miss my hair!







10 thoughts on “Nothing Hurts! And Books!

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    How wonderful that you and your sister can share memories and laugh together. Your mom sounds like my former mother-in-law, who remained a favorite even after the marriage had ended. She also went to mass every day. She is missed, but the memories remain.

    The Beach House Coming Home sounds tempting. Enjoy!


  2. Rita @ View From My Books says:

    My mother would've gone over too, and said something. And I chat with complete strangers (supermarket cashiers, people in doctor waiting rooms, etc) and embarrass the heck out of my daughters when they're with me. But you know what? There are enough people out there who ignore strangers around them that maybe I balance things out a bit :)I wouldn't impose on someone's privacy, but if we made eye contact and smiled or something, I would share some soothing words.

    I'm glad you have some fun books to look forward to, and your aches are temporarily gone. Sending best wishes your way…


  3. June says:

    Oh, Patty. I'm sorry to hear, but be encouraged. Prayers are going up in your behalf. Perhaps I've missed it somewhere on the blog, but what does Neulasta do? Is it a type of chemo?


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