Where Did Wednesday Go?

Today seemed to fly by! I roasted a turkey breast, went for a blood test, had a sopprasetta, very sharp provolone cheese and roasted red pepper sandwich for lunch and watched Den make Golden Milk!

Now we are waiting for a pizza delivery! Yum!

Golden Milk…there are about a million recipes online but I think they will all taste the same. It’s a cinnamon chai like drink. We are making ours with organic coconut milk. We drink it warm…just before bed. It’s supposed to be really great for insomnia…that’s why I wanted to drink it. It’s supposed to have anti inflammatory anti cancer effects, too. It tastes good…we had it for the first time last night and it is really delicious. Bonus…I slept all night long!

Finished this…a beautiful graphic novel for middle grades…with a message.

Now reading this…a YA novel about two families who share a vacation house…the families reside in it on alternate weeks…because of a bitter divorce…it’s really good, too!

Pizza is here…




10 thoughts on “Where Did Wednesday Go?

  1. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    That golden milk looks tempting. I could use some right now…I am a bit sore after my massage.

    Wow, roasting a turkey breast sounds good…and you did a lot of other things, too. No wonder you are wondering where Wednesday went!


  2. Patty Magyar says:

    That hasn't happened to me but I have been sleeping long and soundly without waking up! I don't know if it's from Golden Milk or from me thinking it's from Golden Milk…I think you should try it!


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