On Monday…It’s All About The Books…Usually!

So…it’s 11:40 and I have eaten one slice of peanut butter toast for breakfast, played with Roxie, walked on the treadmill and started to warm a pot of soup for lunch. I’ve cleared email, too, and we are watching Lucy…she usually devours her breakfast but she won’t touch it today. Not eating for an elderly kitty is not a good sign but Roxie wouldn’t really eat either. It could be a bout of kitty diva rearing it’s little spoiled head or tummy trouble. These two eat only organic gluten free food…it’s pure and they usually love it…today…not so much. Roxie is doing a lean into Lucy’s bed…could they be conspiring against us? If so…Den and I don’t stand a chance. Sigh!

Over the weekend I finished this…a Victorian mystery…really absorbing!

And this…dysfunctional family…each chapter was narrated by a different family member…and everyone of them is hiding a secret! Yum!

New books!

All of these were in my Amazon Vine Queue…

From Amazon…
“With flair and heart, MR. ROCHESTER tells the story that legions of Jane Eyre fans have been waiting more than a century to hear. Sarah Shoemaker’s impressive novel takes readers into the mind of one of literature’s most vexing and compelling romantic heroes and paints a nuanced portrait of a man torn between responsibility and passion. Packed with historical detail and a fresh look at a classic story, MR. ROCHESTER is a page-turning delight.”―Tara Conklin, New York Times bestselling author of The House Girl
From Amazon…
“A tender affair and the redemptive power of art are at the core of this compelling novel from National Book Award finalist Allegra Goodman, “a romantic realist who dazzles with wit [and] compassion” (The Wall Street Journal).
From Amazon…

“The quintessential summer read: a sharp, poignant coming-of-age novel about the magic of camp and the enduring power of female friendship, for readers of Stephanie Danler, Anton DiSclafani, Jennifer Close, and Curtis Sittenfeld”

From Amazon…

“Like absolutely nothing I’ve read before, Levinson’s brilliantly unsettling, fiercely funny novel takes on both dangerous intolerance in the near-future world, and in the confines of one wildly destructive family, where ties tighten like nooses and kith and kin can become like warring political systems. Affecting and hilarious, and filled with dark truths that gleam like jewels. I totally loved it.” Caroline Leavitt…author of Cruel Beautiful World

So…that’s my Monday… shower and lunch and my next book are in my immediate future! Oh…this week we are going to try to watch a movie…an Oscar one…almost every day…today it’s either Moonlight or Arrival. Tomorrow it’s most likely Hacksaw Ridge…




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