Tuesday Trivia…

Lucy is fine…it seems that Den inadvertently gave them the right flavor for breakfast but it was not the brand they love. So Lucy protested and refused to touch it. Roxie just went along with Lucy blindly without really knowing why. Lucy did not eat until we gave her a fresh can of wild caught tuna. After that she had her normal dinner and this morning she ate all of her regular breakfast. We are ridiculous with them…or rather Den is…I am more firm! Ha!

Den is on his way to Weggieman’s to get these…they are a Polish donut called a PACZKI. It’s pronounced PUNCH KEY. My grandmother used to make these on the day before Ash Wednesday. All that I remember is that they are light and fluffy and sugary. My cousin Ann Louise reminded me of them the other day and that put Den on a mission! He had to have them! Thus…the Wegman’s trip early this morning. I don’t think my Grandma’s were stuffed with anything but I remember watching her make them. And…I think I remember the taste!


I obsess over clothes sometimes…heeheehee!

I am “acquiring” a few spring things…I am in love with these flowy tees from Love, Kuza!

And this dress from Anthropology…sigh!

Books…reading these and both are yummy!


What does your Tuesday have in store for you?




14 thoughts on “Tuesday Trivia…

  1. bermudaonion says:

    I love Den and his missions and I love seeing clothes on your blog again.

    We've got a busy day – we have to take Carl's car in, we have a lot going on at the store, and I'm playing trivia with friends tonight.


  2. Laurel-Rain Snow says:

    Your girls are spoiled…LOL. But how cute that they show you their feelings so well.

    Now I want those donuts, and we have no Wegman's here!

    I love the flowing tops, too….would love to find something with a tunic for my wedding outfit.

    Perennials looks very tempting. Enjoy!


  3. Mary (Bookfan) says:

    We had dental appointments and I have to go back on Thursday for a filling 😦
    Paczki are big in Milwaukee. This American Irish girl didn't know about them until I married and moved here. People line up for them at bakeries!


  4. DMS says:

    My husband is Polish, so I know the tradition to have Paczki before Lent is very popular. I hope you enjoyed yours. 🙂

    I love those shirts. They look so comfy.


  5. Stefanie Ng says:

    I love those flowery shirts. I hope to be able to sew one day and make items like that. Speaking of clothing, etc, I'm so sorry! I totally blanked out on getting your shawl mailed. I will try this week or at least next. My brain had a brain fart. Glad your fur baby is okay and just didn't like her food that was given. We know who rules the roost in your house. Those donuts look hella good! I think I have a recipe or two of it pinned as I had read about them somewhere once.


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