Wednesday’s Wonders?

OMG…I found a new food blog called Spoon Fork Bacon or Fork Spoon Bacon…I want to make everything I found there but here are my faves…recipes are at this site and are easy to find!







Finished this…a unique book about campers who love returning to Camp Marigold…year after year…loaded with tons of dysfunctional characters…I enjoyed it…does that sound disturbed to enjoy dysfunction? Yikes!

Still reading this…it’s really yummy…I just wish I remembered if I read the first one…

Up next? One of these…just got both of these and the covers are enticing me to read them soon.

This one came in a beautiful box!

My sources of comfort other then Den…

Or else it’s the new quilt on our bed…heeheehee! Why are our sheets always so wrinkly?





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