Friday Things…

Last night on the news with Brian Williams there was a segment on chemotherapy and fatigue. The focus was a 27 year old opera singer…who was beautiful. She had Stage Four breast cancer. I immediately felt as though she was a kindred spirit…she wore a knitted hat pulled down low…it hides missing eyebrows…but she had eye makeup on…which I haven’t done even though I did buy tons of false eyelashes but haven’t used them yet. The point of her story was that she worked out every day to help with fatigue…she ran or walked or did yoga…but she fought through the fatigue…which is something I don’t do enough of. My 10 to 15 minutes is nothing compared to her level of working out. Sigh!

I have also sort of put myself in self imposed isolation. I talk to friends and family but I haven’t seen anyone in a long time. I haven’t even let my sister or brother and sister in law come here. Some weeks certain counts were low and I couldn’t see anyone. But much of it is just me. I need to do this on my own. I can’t entertain anyone and sometimes I don’t want to talk to anyone. Recovery is hard and sad and exhausting. Mostly I am positive and ok…sometimes I am not. My blogger friends…your virtual hugs and your kind words…I can’t begin to tell you how much they mean to me. I want to heal while not burdening anyone…except Den…lol…


I actually stopped reading this book…it just was not a book I was enjoying in spite of its good reviews.

I am reading this instead…light and funny.

Not sure what I real read next…but I think it’s time for a fantasy! It actually snowed here for about 10 minutes while the sun was shining. We are supposed to have a really cold week end and then in the 60’s again next week. Our cherry tree is in bloom!

Have a great week end!




14 thoughts on “Friday Things…

  1. Denise Ward says:

    Patty, you heal & go through this however you need to go through this. No one way is perfect & no one else's way will work for you or be yours. Just know that you WILL get through it; we are each pulling for you, cheering & shouting & clapping on the sidelines for you. You tell us when to hush or to cheer louder–whatever you need, we will be here for you. Draw strength from that, my friend. It's there if you need it. And if you don't–that's ok too. We are glad to offer. Xxoo


  2. bermudaonion says:

    Even though I've never been through what you're going through, I get why you want to be alone. It's hard to be “on” when you're tired, stressed, and not feeling well. Sending hugs your way.


  3. Ti says:

    If you don't want people around, that's certainly up to you. I'm sure your family would like to see you though. I don't think they'd expect you to entertain. They probably just want to be near you because they care about you. Sometimes it's just nice to sit with people nearby. People that you don't necessarily need to talk to but just BE with. You know?

    It always amazes me that exercising helps with fatigue but I suppose it does. It helps you keep the muscles limber and the circulation going. But I am so proud of your for doing it. I know how hard it was for you in the beginning.


  4. Patty Magyar says:

    I probably erred in not letting them come really early on…thank you! It's still hard to work out and I have isolated my self too much but it's too late now…I need to continue down this path…


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