Monday…It’s Really Just About Books Today!


This book is a library ebook…yep…that’s what it is…a library book! I randomly downloaded it…started to read it and subsequently could not put it down! I just checked Goodreads to see if I ever read any other books by this author and I did…just one and I loved it, too. This author has written tons of books. What I loved about this book was the clever humorous banter with all of the characters! I loved the quirky characters. I loved the situations. Darn it…I loved everything about this book! In a nutshell…Ainsley and her stepsister Kate are going through breakups. Ainsley’s cancer surviving drama king boyfriend has dumped her to find himself in Alaska. Kate’s husband of four months tripped fell and died. The sisters are left to deal with their anger and grief in highly unusual ways. This book was just what I needed! Have I told you how much I loved it? I loved it!

I think next I am reading this one…it’s described as a “fast paced scandal and cover- up” kind of book.

I have a ton of new ebooks and books to read…I think I will share them throughout the week.

This one sounds really good. I loved the first book. I love this cover. I don’t know why covers are so important to me but they are.

I am off to start my day! I hope your Monday is a great one!




5 thoughts on “Monday…It’s Really Just About Books Today!

  1. Ti says:

    I love how you have your books all lined up. I usually know which one I am reading next but sometimes I change once I am done with my current read. Plus, I read more than one at a time so they all have to work together or I end up moving my reads around. Not much mixes with with Ulysses. Such a challenge!


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